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A second water trap

dylanvorster - 2017-09-12 - 0 comments

So I recently encountered the dreaded problem of condensed water spitting out of my airbrush while trying to carefully cover some parts in a base coat. I discovered that this happens to most air compressors when the air contains a lot of moisture, which is usually during winter (at least in Stellenbosch, South Africa). So after looking into the problem, there are basically 2 ways to solve it:

  • If you have an air conditioner, then place it on the de-humidifier setting to try and reduce as much of the air moisture in the room you are working in.
  • Upgrade your compress-airbrush setup.

Since I use the outlet air duct of my air-con when airbrushing, I had to sort out the problem with my equipment instead. Now normally most small compressors all come with a water trap directly attached to the exit of the compression chamber, but in this case, its not good enough and the reason could be due to both the weather as well as the fact that its close proximity to the compressor causes the air to heat up in that isolated area, adding to the condensation.

The solution is to add a secondary (inline) water trap away from the compressor, that can catch the small spurts of water that mange to escape. This works very similarly to the main water trap on the compressor, but its designed to take up minimal space and sit in-between two connecting hoses.

I also had to purchase an adapter fitting to go from the large thread to the small thread.