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Painting the Gundam Astray legs

dylanvorster - 2017-09-10 - 0 comments

Base Coats!

Now that all the parts are primed, its time to give some of them a coat of Tamiya Gold-Leaf.

The next step is to paint the a few of the pieces metallic red (Tamiya TS95). There are only a few of these pieces on the entire build that are red, but thats cool because they will stand out really well against the matte armor plating.

I leave the matte black for last because when working with a gravity feed airbrush, I need to be careful of the order in which I load paint. Even though I clean the airbrush between colours, theres always some paint which gets left behind, and the darker the colour you are loading, the harder it is going to be for the residual pigment to show up. This is particularly more annoying when using metallic paints, because there are also residual metallic particles that are extra tricky to properly clean out. Basically always load your paint lightest first, darkest last. Or alternatively if you can afford it, get multiple airbrushes, even if its just to keep your metallic paint separate from your flat colours.

Lets try out some post-shading

So to try and give some depth to the armor plating, as well as to try and introduce some shadows on an already dark base, I am going to post-shade using Tamiya Dark Gray. I set the airbrush to a relatively low 10 to 15 PSI and on my SG A180K I can fortunately set a threshold that prevents me from pulling back the lever too far, thereby allowing me limit the paint to a very light and very subtle spray. I give each black part a gray highlight in the center of each flat plane that it has, so that all the edges of each part appear slightly darker.

The end result is pretty awesome, and you can see below how great the affect is before and after:

In the next post, I will assemble the leg, and give a rundown.

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